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Holistic Pet Services

When they can't speak, we must learn to listen ~ Mind, Body & Soul

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My name is Carolyn Morrison and I can't wait to get to know you and your fur-babies!  Wellness Tails has been created to give you a safe space for both you and your pet to learn and grow together toward a healthy lifestyle that promotes wellness. 

Through my experience, knowledge and holistic approach to wellness, I want to build a partnership that will provide you with clear direction and focus to achieve optimal health for your beloved pets. I understand the frustration that sometimes comes with the cost and inability to understand and advocate for ourselves with traditional veterinarian care and I understand the unconditional love we have for our pets. At a minimum, I offer local services and I'd like to provide a safe, family environment that you can trust to treat your fur-babies like they are my own!


My Services

Local to Lexington, SC

In-home doggy daycare


Basic Puppy Training

Coaching Classes & Workshops

Pet Food Services

Nationwide and Local Availability

Holistic Pet Health Coaching

What is a Holistic Pet Health Coach?

I have gone through and continue to go through extensive training to help fill the gap where traditional veterinary medicine is struggling to provide much needed service and support to pet parents. Think along the same lines as a health coach for people. They support the client in creating and sustaining change for improved health and well-being. It’s well known that our pets have much shorter life expectancy then we do. If you are here, I am sure that you want your pets to live a long healthy life. My training consists of the science of pet health and illness. My goal is to assist you to keep your pet healthy, to bring your pet back to healthy balance and/or to help you to navigate through chronic or continuing health issues to allow your pet to live at their best. Using holistic modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine and with the support, knowledge and experience of my coach and mentor, renowned veterinarian, Dr. Ruth Roberts, I can help you develop a lifestyle action plan that suits you and your fur-baby. Dr. Ruth has over 30 years of knowledge and experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine and Conventional Veterinary Medicine, she is a pioneer and leader in the holistic pet care community. Working with Dr. Ruth gives me the resources, training and ability to provide an integrative approach to your fur-baby’s needs.

Dog Walking

“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.” 

John Grogan (Author, “Marley & Me”)

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